Friday, 25 March 2016

hcg shots

On Christmas Eve, Patricia finally discovered that she was pregnant. Her positive pregnancy test finally ended her eight year journey through infertility. Patricia and her husband have been looking to get pregnant ever simply because they got married, but didn't believe in using assisted reproductive technology or fertility drugs. On Patricia's 37th birthday, she realized she wasn't getting any younger and if she wanted to get pregnant now, she had to behave fast. They saw a health care provider who prescribed Clomid to greatly help her ovulate. It took just five cycles before she finally conceived the baby she's been longing for. As of this writing, Patricia's baby girl is developing normally and her pregnancy is otherwise uneventful. hcg
Eleanor's tale of an additional try at conception
Eleanor and her boyfriend have already been wanting to conceive on and off for two years. She tried Clomid for two months but didn't want it since the drug made her moody, depressed, and gave her the most terrible road rage. Per year later, she gave the drug another chance and successfully got pregnant! She has become the proud mother of a three year old son and has no regrets for trying fertility drugs again.
Amy's story of success with IUI
Amy is 25 years of age and married for six years. She and her 27-year old husband delayed pregnancy for this long since they wanted to take pleasure from their wedded life with only the 2 of these for some time before starting a family. Nevertheless when Amy began getting baby fever, she convinced her husband to start looking to get pregnant. She went off her contraceptive pills but after half a year of wanting to conceive, she was still not pregnant. Per year passed and Amy grew more frustrated as numerous of her friends starting bearing children without any problems conceiving. She chose to see an infertility specialist and went on Clomid after the tests revealed nothing abnormal. The first two cycles of Clomid didn't appear to change lives, but she finally got pregnant after doing Clomid with IUI. hcg shots
Catherine's TTC achievement with fertility drugs
Like Amy, Catherine married young and delayed pregnancy until her late 20's. She has been on contraceptive pills for eight years and got pregnant immediately. Unfortunately, she miscarried at five weeks because of blighted ovum. Catherine and her husband have already been desperately wanting to conceive since then. Many months later, Catherine got tested and learned that her progesterone levels are extremely low. Her doctor suggested Clomid on days 3 - 7 of her cycle. On the 14th day, she returned to the clinic for an ultrasound and found that she had several large follicles. However, only one was a "mature" enough (24mm). Catherine received an HCG shot after ovulation and she and her husband timed sex accordingly. She barely felt the 2 week wait because she was too busy at work, but one day she woke up and realized that her period was several days late. Catherine wasted virtually no time getting her on the job a pregnancy test and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw that it was positive! The rest of her pregnancy went by without complications and she gave birth to a baby girl

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